Nov 16, 2021

Meet Some of the Barre Team

Justin Lawrence

District Manager

Justin is deeply rooted in his community. He has served on the local school board and on the Municipal Board of Directors as Chairman. His family has a history of volunteer service to the community; his father also served on the Board of Directors for 19 years. Justin also enjoys real estate investment and currently has several properties in his region with a mix of residential and commercial uses. His office hosts a local live podcast that follows the community events and current topics of interest in the area. Being a true believer of real and relative content, he enjoys participating in the show and supporting the growth of it to better his community.

After watching his mother work in the insurance industry for 43 years, Justin obtained his Health, Life & Annuity license in 2004. His belief is that unbiased advice should always be the priority to assist clients in making empowered choices through education. He has also mentored many successful agents through the years to help them attain new heights in their career.

When not working he enjoys spending time with his children. Justin is very passionate about the water and enjoys spending as much time as possible on his boat. Having traveled a fair amount, the water and his boat are what he considers one of the best places in the world because of the tranquility and peacefulness it provides.

Please note that our teams are made up of many valuable people and not all are listed on this page.