Nov 07, 2017

Meet Some of the Jacksonville Team


Perry Clark

District Manager

Perry has been married for 25 years to his amazing wife Lisa. Together they have five children and five grandchildren. He has been in the insurance industry for 21 of those years. Additionally, he is a local boy, growing up in Williston, Florida. His immediate and extended family within 30 miles is close to 100 people. This allows him to be uniquely qualified to answer questions about suitability for some of the obstacles and benefits that are specific to the clients in our designated area.

Perry believes that businesses can only be successful based on the relationships that are cultivated with everyone he comes in contact with. That includes not only the clients, but the vendors, the governmental agencies, the neighbors, his employees and the community. You never know if the person you are going to meet next will become your next client or your next employee, or if you could be theirs. Relationships are the most important part of any situation, family, careers, neighborhoods, communities, politics and even in conflict resolution.


Please note that our teams are made up of many valuable people and not all are listed on this page.

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