Safe Types of Annuities Available for Individuals and Households throughout the Jacksonville Area

Types of Annuities Tampa FLYou’ve worked hard to build your nest egg and provide for a comfortable retirement, and you may now be wondering how you can keep it safe. An annuity is a great way to create a safe retirement fund, and you’ll find many secure types of annuities when you turn to ASB Financial. We are retirement planning experts serving the Jacksonville area, and we’ll take the time to work closely with you and help you select an annuity that’s best for you.

Receive a Steady Income During Your Retirement

An ASB Financial agent will be happy to meet with you for a consultation in the convenience of your own home. He or she will learn about your current income and investments as well as your plans for retirement and then recommend the annuities that will help you accomplish your goals.

Our two most popular types of annuities are the fixed-index and income guarantee annuities. These are both safe money options and no-loss investments. If you select the fixed-income annuity, you’ll receive a regular check that’s based on the amount you put into the annuity and when you put it in. With a guaranteed annuity, you’ll be creating your own pension fund that will provide an income for life.

What’s more, you can be sure that you’re receiving access to the best types of annuities for your retirement. We partner with many different A-rated companies so that we can offer our customers a selection that they won’t find anywhere else.

If you would like to learn more about the types of annuities that we offer, contact ASB Financial today to schedule a consultation at your Jacksonville-area home.