ASB Financial Offers Safe Types of Annuities for Individuals in Ocala Who Are Looking for Stable Retirement Income

Types of Annuities Ocala FLAnnuities are a safe and great way to ensure that you have a regular income during your retirement. At ASB Financial, we have many different types of annuities available for you. They will come from leading companies, too, as we offer an unmatched selection, and one of our highly-trained agents who have their 2-15 Health, Life & Annuities licenses will meet with you at your Ocala area home for a consultation, learn about your finances and goals, and help you select the right annuity for your retirement income needs.

No-Loss Annuity Options

You’ll want to make ASB Financial your annuity provider because we specialize in no-loss investments. These types of annuities include fixed-indexed annuities and guarantee annuities, and they will keep your hard-earned nest egg secure. With the fixed-indexed annuity, you will get a regular check, which is based on your age and what you put in originally. Similarly a guaranteed annuity is like a self-created pension fund and will provide an income for the rest of your life. The later you start withdrawing money, the more you will have.

Providing retirement income isn’t the only way to use an annuity. These investment vehicles can also be used for growing your nest egg, to fund long-term care, or as part of your legacy planning. They’re also tax-deferred, which means that you won’t have to pay any taxes until you begin drawing your money. This is particularly helpful if you’re using your annuity for growth purposes.

For additional information about the types of annuities that we provide for individuals in the Ocala area, contact ASB Financial today.